Tasting DO Ribeiro wines at Mercat de Mercats

by  |  22-10-2012

Galician white wines have always been on our radar. Regions like Rias Baixas are better known outside of Galicia, but the DO Ribeiro has gained a great deal in fame in recent years, especially for their unique Treixadura wines. So whenever the chance arises, we’ll take it to sample them. Over the last weekend in Barcelona was the “Mercat de Mercats” which is literally a fabulous “market of markets” fair that allowed local purveyors of all things delicious to show off what they had. In addition to the stalls set up in the cathedral square, there were also some events on the side like gastronomic shows and tastings. One that was very popular had a fishmonger breaking down a 170kg tuna in to filets (called, ronqueo) which was terrifying to watch mainly given the size of the damned fish. Another event was an overview tasting of wines from the DO […]
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