Taking a look at DO Conca de Barberà

by  |  29-10-2019

Given the recent cellar flooding, I’ve moved up this report to hopefully give a bit more visibility to the DO and not only support the rebuilding efforts of Rendé Masdéu, but also to showcase the great wines being produced by the others wineries in the region. Please have a look at the just-released tasting report so that we can then dig into this region a bit further. While often confused with the Italian grape, “Barbera” of which this is no relation, this DO is worthy of note above and beyond mistaken Piedmont lineage. The “Barberà” portion of the name actually refers to a village, Barberà de la Conca with conca meaning “basin” and is the geographical formation where the region sits within a county of the same name as the DO. The vast majority of vines are found around the capital, Montblanc, which is a lovely Medieval walled town that […]
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