Verónica Ortega’s current releases

by  |  22-11-2023

I’ve happily followed the work of Verónica Ortega since meeting her nearly a decade ago at Vinisud when that was still happening in Montpellier, France. Back then, she was starting out with her first releases... more »

The mightiness of Mencía

by  |  23-06-2021

For the June, 2021 edition of wine magazine World of Fine Wine, I’m happy to have contributed an extensive profile of the Spanish grape variety, Mencía. For those unfamiliar with this publication, it’s an impressive... more »

In The Glass – Verónica Ortega – ROC 2017

by  |  09-04-2021

Verónica Ortega is no stranger to these pages. I reviewed her Cobrana 2016 two years ago and she’s been a winemaker I’ve watched closely since first meeting her just over seven years ago at Vinisud... more »

In The Glass: Veronica Ortega – Cobrana 2016

by  |  10-05-2019

For some time, Mencía, a grape native to the Bierzo region, was the “Pinot Noir of the moment” for Spain. The comparison seems to always be made with any grape, Spanish or not, that’s red,... more »