Escanyavella, the old lady strangler

by  |  06-11-2012

In making travels throughout the world of wine, it’s normal to come across Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, and all the rest of the 20 or so main varieties that are commonly planted around... more »

5/X, a Catalan Pinot in Spain

by  |  23-10-2012

If you were to ask, “Have you tried this Spanish Pinot Noir?” Most people would probably puff up their chests and answer, “Oh, I’m sure you mean Tempranillo, no?” as the concept of Pinot coming... more »

Rooster Balls and Catalan grapes unknown

by  |  13-09-2012

Last week, when dropping off copies of our Empordà guide, we stopped in at Mas Molla in Calonge (Baix Empordà). As things go, we got talking with the current family winemaker, Montse Molla about local... more »

The Mighty Marselan

by  |  04-07-2012

It’s only taken about half a century, but it seems that the wonderful little grape called Marselan is getting some recognition. In some roundabout way, I came across this article from last year. While it... more »

The Plavac and the Darnekuša of Plančić

by  |  28-05-2012

Plančić is a coastal Croatian winery on Hvar Island and when it comes to making truly Croatian wines, they know their business given that they only use native Croatian grapes. Bogdanuša, Parč, Darnekuša, and of... more »

The Norton & Todd Kliman’s, “The Wild Vine”

by  |  10-05-2012

In between putting the finishing touches on our Empordà wine guide, I somehow managed to finish this book by Todd Kliman called, The Wild Vine. It tells the story about the Norton, which is basically... more »