The ‘solidarity’ efforts to rebuild the Rendéu Masdéu cellar in Conca de Barberà

by  |  29-01-2020

These have not been the finest of months for wineries when it comes to Mother Nature... and sadly, probably won't be the last that we've seen. Fires have ravaged Southeastern Australia destroying cellars, homes, vineyards,... more »
Photos by @CivitiMarti, Twitter

DO Conca de Barberà winery, Rendé Masdéu washed away by torrential rains & flooding

by  |  23-10-2019

Southern Catalunya recorded epic rains yesterday which caused widespread damage including: flooding of homes, various roads being closed due to mudslides, and train service being cut due to flooded tracks. There have been two confirmed... more »

Rendé Masdéu – Arnau Syrah 2009

by  |  26-09-2012

Rendé Masdéu is one of those Conca de Barberà wineries to take note of. We’ve slowly been expanding our palates in this region, taking note first of Vins de Pedra and moving on from there.... more »