Tast del Decenni of 2004 in 201410-05-2014

Last week I was one of the lucky few to be invited to the annual Tast del Decenni in the Priorat comarca. Essentially what this is, is a taste of the wines from a decade... more>

A winding road to Mas Sinén12-10-2012

Upon arriving in the charming 12th century village of Poboleda, in the middle of Priorat, the exact direction you need to go in order to get to Mas Sinén (where Celler Burgos Porta is located)... more>

A stay at Hostal Sport in Falset18-07-2012

The first thing to realize with Hostal Sport is that it’s not an inn (“hostal” in Spanish) and not a place for “sport” but rather a fantastic four star hotel and restaurant in the Priorat... more>