A winding road to Mas Sinén

by  |  12-10-2012

Upon arriving in the charming 12th century village of Poboleda, in the middle of Priorat, the exact direction you need to go in order to get to Mas Sinén (where Celler Burgos Porta is located) isn’t immediately obvious. A quick drop down Carrer Major though will bring you to the first of many signs that guide you through the village and out the other side, winding your way through the hills and many terraced vineyards of others who make their wine in Poboleda. As the road continues, it’s easy to think that perhaps upon arrival, a wild boar in the area will show up to valet park your car at the winery. But, long before you reach Porrera (as this was the old donkey road that used to connect the two villages), the bowl of slate terraces that wrap around the stone winery of Mas Sinén open before you. Here […]
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