In Cain I Trust

by  |  17-06-2019

When writing about wine, everything digital is your best friend–right after a spittoon. A lightweight laptop, or in a pinch, the mobile, armed with either Google Keep for quick notes or Excel for longer tastings... more »
Do not get between Allison Janney and a porró.

Guzzling with the stars; six new celebrity wines

by  |  18-03-2019

From press releases about Sarah Jessica Parker's forays wearing gumboots into the vineyards of New Zealand, to Brangelina's lucrative Provençal Rosé adventures, to Jon Bon Jovi's uh, Rosé, to Drew Barrymore's, uh... other Rosé (wtf?)... more »

A review of “It Starts With Wine”

by  |  25-02-2019 ~ 2 Comments

The passage of time has taught us that history repeats itself for those who refuse to learn it and wine, is exceptionally hard to capture on film. To date, I'm of the opinion that the... more »

Malbec in opposite poles of the world: Bordeaux and New Zealand

by  |  14-03-2013

This was originally posted on El Solà d’Ares, a blog by Catalan wine and olive oil craftsman, Antoni Sánchez-Ortiz who is working in New Zealand right now. He’s also the enolog behind the fantastic Melis... more »

In The Glass: Finca La Celia Malbec Reserva 2009

by  |  11-08-2012

Taking a step back in to the New World for a minute, we popped open this bottle from Finca La Celia the other night. At around 13€ it represents a decent balance of price and... more »