Six wines to know from Terrasses du Larzac

by  |  26-06-2023

As I’d said in the report earlier this year, I’d been wanting to do a large tasting of the wines from the Terrasses du Larzac AOC in Languedoc, France for some time. Next year will... more »

The wines of Terrasses du Larzac 2023

by  |  31-01-2023

I’ve wanted to do a full, region-wide tasting of the Terrasses du Larzac appellation in the Languedoc region of Southern France for quite some time. Officially approved only in 2014, they’re one of the newest... more »

Terrasses du Larzac without the appellation

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Given Languedoc’s size and lack of truly finite appellations, it’s curious how many wineries will use various levels of classification to place their wines as they have the flexibility to do so. This is often... more »

In The Glass: Château de Gragnos – Lou Daro 2021

by  |  23-01-2023

While not Burgundy, Languedoc is one of the more complex regions in Southern France what with about 25 appellations covering its lands. Given that it’s about 140km long, there’s often a manner of talking about... more »

The wines of Faugères 2022

by  |  20-04-2022

If you’re not living in France, Faugères may not be a region that immediately comes to mind. I say this as a massive 87% of their production doesn’t ever leave the country with people very... more »

A review of “Vignes dans le rouge”

by  |  28-06-2021

I recently had the pleasure of viewing the new documentary, Vignes dans le rouge at this year’s Most Festival–one of, if not the only film festival in the world dedicated to films about wine. “Vignes... more »

A Southern European selection of François Lurton

by  |  03-05-2021

François Lurton is but one member of the vast Lurton family, long-established in Bordeaux. If you’d like to read up on their history, I’d recommend having a look at this article as I would but... more »
Old vines in the Mas de la Rosa vineyard

A Priorat tasting of Carignan without borders

by  |  02-05-2018

Fully booked! Sorry for those who couldn’t get in this time around! I have admittedly been a bit crazy about Carignan lately. It’s no wonder as I posted this large, “Grand Tasting of Carignan” from... more »

The Grand Carignan Tasting

by  |  08-01-2018

There existed a time when I was daft to the wiles and wonders of the grape, Carignan. Despite pockets of old vines in California it was essentially a lost variety. Little thought and even less... more »

New wine protest in le Boulou at the French-Spanish border

by  |  24-05-2017

Heading north from Barcelona Airport, I was greeted to the signs as seen above warning that there was going to be a “manifestation” or protest by the Southern French winemakers on the 23rd of May.... more »