La cuesta de enero 2024

by  |  08-01-2024

Or mortal coils shed off yet another year and with it, la cuesta de enero descends upon us. While literally meaning, "the slope of January" it's more aptly translated as "an uphill January" because in... more »

La cuesta de enero 2023

by  |  04-01-2023

The exact meaning of “la cuesta de enero” doesn’t immediately translate to English as it’s literally, “the uphill January”. When taken in a Spain context, this is however, a struggle very much felt in the... more »

Wines for la Cuesta de Enero/Uphill January

by  |  02-01-2020

To all who have survived family and the holidays, well done. Now we arrive to the cold, murky days of January, probably broke, or at at least a bit broken. You probably don’t even want... more »

La cuesta de enero

by  |  02-01-2015

Broken, battered, spent–and that’s before we get in to the state of our wallets after the holidays. In January, we always find ourselves at the point wherein we have to dig ourselves out of what... more »