Wonderful Gran Reserva Cavas for unreasonable times

by  |  15-12-2018

It’s roundabout mid-December when the bubbly articles inevitably percolate throughout all manners of media. The codified thinking is that for these festive times, you’ll want what has been deemed the most celebratory of drinks: sparkling... more »

Cava’s sweet spot

by  |  29-12-2017

In a scant three days there will undoubtedly be countless people who will wake up wishing they’d had at least a glass or perhaps even a bottle less of the sparkling wine they indulged in... more »

The list of the first qualified Cava de Paratge vineyards & their wines

by  |  14-07-2017

For some time there has been a lot of information floating around about the forthcoming Cava de Paratge (Spanish: Cava de Paraje) qualification for specific vineyards and parcels within the boundaries of DO Cava. If... more »

Cava, for that bubbly time of year

by  |  08-12-2015

For those who love sparkling wines, this is a great time of year. However, the festive season can be a minefield of lesser bubblies just waiting to hurt your body, soul, and potentially, friendships. In... more »

Cava to all and to all a good night

by  |  03-12-2014

The bubbly is upon us!!! For those who love sparkling wines, this is a great time of year. For those who don’t or are just generally meh, the holidays ahead will prove to be a... more »