Cava’s sweet spot

by  |  29-12-2017

In a scant three days there will undoubtedly be countless people who will wake up wishing they’d had at least a glass or perhaps even a bottle less of the sparkling wine they indulged in for New Year’s Eve. Bubbly comes from all over the world these days but when it comes to parties, often cheapest is what reigns when it’s time to stock a big tub of ice with booze for the evening. This is of course a mistake as cheap bubbly will indeed tear you up as much as any other cheap alcohol, even if it’s just 11.5% ABV. I can easily attribute many a foul morning to having relatively little, albeit vastly underwhelming sparkling wine the evening before at some wedding or anniversary or whatever. It’s why when I arrived to Catalunya, I wasn’t all that keen to indulge in Cava, the sparkling that sees 95% of […]
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