A book review of “Wines of the Roussillon”

by  |  19-10-2021

I have something of a soft spot for underdog wine regions which probably explains my pursuit of Roussillon. Existing for years as “le petit vin du Languedoc”, it was this dismissing it as “lesser Languedoc”... more »

A book review of “Wines of the Rhône”

by  |  22-04-2021

If you’ve been around the wine blogging scene for any amount of time, you’ll know that “success stories” are far and few between which is why Matt Walls’s new book from publisher Infinite Ideas, Wines... more »

A book review of “The wines of northern Spain”

by  |  05-11-2019

Despite Spain’s rubbing shoulders with France and Italy in terms of total wine produced, the number of texts about the country has always paled in comparison to these other two behemoths. It’s so dire in... more »