Casa Gran del Siurana La Fredat 2020

by  |  23-10-2023

It’s very easy to make the case that Grenache is a fine, worldclass grape variety these days. Look no further than the wines of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, Gredos, and of course, Priorat, if you want to taste... more »

Five wines to know from Vinos de Madrid

by  |  04-10-2023

As was stated in the main report earlier this year, there’s a great deal to love these days in DO Vinos de Madrid. It’s ironic given that it was a flash point just over a... more »

Sommos, Somontano, Spain

by  |  26-05-2023

Here we have a selection of wines all make from the Grenache variety in different interpretations by Bodega Sommos in DO Somontano. I first encountered them when writing up a regional report a few years... more »

The wines from DO Vinos de Madrid

by  |  27-03-2023

The photo above is not what one associates with Spain’s capital, Madrid and for good reason. The active, museum-rich, dining-prone, culturally-vibrant city with a population of over three million (and problably half as many bars)... more »

There was never only one nouveau

by  |  16-12-2022

Hot on the heals of the Catalan vi novell wines, I received another nouveau sample. Yes, this one is from France and yes, it’s very much nouveau being a young, 2022 wine. But it’s not... more »
Photo from Bodegas Montecillo.

A deeper look at Bodegas Montecillo

by  |  14-12-2022

In what now seems like a century ago, I made a lengthy research visit to Rioja in November of last year. My goals were various, but the main one was to taste Garnacha wines in... more »

A new look at Garnatxa Peluda… in Alella

by  |  14-11-2022

Whatever you do, don’t call it, “downy” Grenache. Much like how the peppers from Cuba are often misspelled as “habañeros” in the US or the Georgian aging vessel for wines is incorrectly transcribed as, “qveri”... more »

A Mediterranean exchange, Priorat on Hvar

by  |  04-11-2022

“Well, we like our wines strong here.” It was a statement that I was to hear in various forms during a recent trip to the island of Hvar on the coast of Croatia. In this... more »
Photo by DOP Cebreros

DOP Cebreros hits a noteworthy milestone

by  |  28-10-2022

Most regions in Spain celebrate the end of the harvest with a deep exhalation and a press release celebrating the quality level (always Very Good or Excellent). There is also usually a smaller note about... more »

Capçanes & the wines of ‘La Nit de les Garnatxes’

by  |  19-09-2022

In the annual Fira del Vi for the Priorat region, there are really two tasting events that you can’t miss. The only problem is that they happen on the same evening as one another in... more »