Largest expansion of Catalan ‘Vi de Finca’ wines to date

by  |  13-12-2023

At the stately Palau de Pedralbes in Barcelona, INCAVI, the Catalan Wine Agency, presented the latest wines approved for the Vi de Finca classification. With a total of five new wines entering the list, it's... more »

The changes at Celler de Capçanes

by  |  28-06-2023

In the big scheme of things, a decade really isn’t much of anything, but for Anna Rovira, the head enologist at Celler de Capçanes in DO Montsant, Catalunya, the span of 10 years has pretty... more »

Top Shelf: DO Montsant

by  |  17-11-2022

A series simply looking at the best of the best in wine. I walk through the vineyards of DO Montsant every day and surely somewhere, someone opens a bottle of the wine from this region... more »

A new look at Garnatxa Peluda… in Alella

by  |  14-11-2022

Whatever you do, don’t call it, “downy” Grenache. Much like how the peppers from Cuba are often misspelled as “habañeros” in the US or the Georgian aging vessel for wines is incorrectly transcribed as, “qveri”... more »

Eight wines from Montsant to know right now

by  |  12-08-2022

I’ve been working on the review for the latest edition of a well-known, 700-page wine reference. About midway through, I had to pause for a bit when I came across this mention of DO Montsant,... more »

The wines of DO Montsant 2022

by  |  20-06-2022

I’m very happy to be releasing the latest tasting report for DO Montsant today. Over half of the nearly 90 wines tasted resided within the vintage boundaries of 2018, 2019, and 2020. But, with 1/4... more »
Tast de les Mines, Bellmunt

Priorat’s Fira del Vi exceeds all expectations

by  |  04-05-2022

What is perhaps one of the biggest wine events in all of Catalunya or least the biggest for the Priorat region is the annual Fira de Vi that takes place on the first weekend of... more »

In The Glass: Gritelles – Manou 2019

by  |  01-02-2022

“Reduction”, as defined by the Oxford Companion to Wine, is a: “chemical reaction that is in effect the complement of oxidation and one in which an element or compound gains electrons.” That’s obviously quite scientific... more »

The growing fraud case of Reserva de la Tierra

by  |  25-10-2021

As I reported in my article for Decanter last week, there’s currently a breaking story of massive wine fraud unfolding in Southern Catalunya. The perpetrator is alleged to be the company, “Reserva de la Tierra”... more »

That new cellar sound: A tour of Acústic’s new home

by  |  20-09-2021

Albert Jané founded Acústic Celler in DO Montsant back in 2004 and since then has seen his wines recognized throughout the wine world. This success in turn allowed him to start up Ritme Celler in... more »