Storing wine post Coravin

by  |  20-08-2018

I’d previously delved into the potentially life-changing event that bringing a Coravin into your home means, at least in terms of wine. Depending upon who you are or whatever your walk of life, the fact is that when you make use of it, it’s to avoid having to open the bottle and consume it in one go. So in essence, you’re going to store that bottle for later if you can resist. This simple act of sticking a needle through a cork to pull off some wine has opened up some various avenues of thinking for me however. Prior to buying my Coravin, I’d read accounts from working sommeliers about how they approached using the device. Usually they’d take a pour from a bottle, then put it aside for a bit to let the cork “heal” before putting it back on its side. This seemed generally logical. But then the […]
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