Renaming English Sparkling Wine

by  |  02-02-2017

As of late there has been a bit of circulation in the wine trade about “English Sparkling Wine“, well, the name anyways. It’s a name that seems has been come about to as a compromise wherein few are terribly thrilled about it but it’s the best of the possible contenders for the moment. For some time there has been an effort to create a Sussex appellation but this is contentious as it is but one of the regions in England (not to mention Wales) where sparkling wines are now being produced. Thus it’s seen as fracturing up a brand as it’s just getting its legs and so we come back to “unifying”, English Sparkling Wine name. The problem with this name as I see it (and I quite like a lot of the wines I’ve tasted to date) is that it’s not really a name, it’s two adjectives and a […]
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