Priorat’s Terra Dominicata hotel & restaurant arrives

by  |  04-09-2018

The county of Priorat, in terms of a wine region, is not lacking for places to stay after a day of enjoying the fine wine of DOQ Priorat and DO Montsant. What have been lacking are fine places to stay. Both Hostal Sport and Lotus Priorat in Falset are the general go-to options whenever anyone asks me where to stay in the region. Central in terms of accessibility, modern (Hostal Sport just renovated most of their rooms) and accessible, they’re the best options in the region in my opinion. The problem gets to be if either you want to stay in one of the small, charming villages, or the other typical problem: Lotus and Hostal are full. As Hostal has 28 rooms and Lotus, nine, filling up is a regular issue, especially during busy times of the year. The owners of Lotus have told me that for the annual wine […]
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