Natural etc. Can Sumoi

by  |  01-03-2019

Europe is in the “Recuperation Era” of winemaking and by that I mean that there is still a lot of recuperation of old varieties, vineyards, and winemaking methods taking place to produce the modern, evolving wines we drink today. In strictly viticultural terms, many regions have indeed been fully recuperated. Places like Mosel, Champagne, Napa, or Priorat have seen what may have been old vineyards that were languishing brought back from the brink due to war, disease, or economic neglect. Or these regions have fully planted out the legally-available vineyard space and are now expanding under what small increases are allowed each year by regional governing bodies. Thus, they are no longer in a state of recuperation but have moved on to evolution. But these are but a few of the success stories and much work is still to be done. Penedès is a region that I feel is more […]
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