Gettin’ Grenachey – Cellers de Scala Dei & RAR

by  |  21-07-2016

There are those who, if a wine hasn’t spent at least a year in the finest French oak and isn’t from the finest block of vines, then they consider it to have little worth. Honestly, most of California’s “top” wine regions are based upon this premise and the ridiculous prices show it. One of the elements of wine generally missing in the US is the “young” wine level, essentially a wine produced only in stainless steel and designed to be fruity, expressive, and drunk within a year or so of its release. About the only thing I ever hear that gets close to this in American wine parlance is “barbecue wine” and usually they’re imports or if domestic, some kind of blocky hot climate Zinfandel. It’s this level of wine in Europe that is really the motor of the continent as while wineries do indeed produce their “icon” wines, what […]
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