The fact that things in life can’t always be placed into a specific box applies as much to wine as anything else. I mention this as today sees the addition of a new section on which is the Tasting Bench.

The reason to bring this into existence is that in general, most of the wines I receive to evaluate come in larger groupings that find their way into the Features and Reports. There are a number of wines I find via these larger evaluations or casual tastings/meals/recommendations that get featured as an In The Glass article. With those I delve a bit more into the history of the wine, cellar, region, and/or a personal connection that admittedly sources something from Star Trek more often than it should…

More and more I’ve been receiving wine samples that don’t fall into these two categories of a report or some kind of single article. While historically I’ve simply been adding them to the wine database and sending the provider of the samples the scores free of charge (as always), there are now literally thousands upon thousands of wines in there and so they get a bit lost.

Thus, we arrive to the Tasting Bench. In all fairness, this is actually a table that’s in my cellar, but I think “bench” gives it the sense of immediacy it deserves.

It’s on this bench (table) where I have various samples lined up to sample and score and so there’s constant rotation and a rather large volume that has in turn merited this section. The format will focus on quicker articles that give a brief description to a short series of wines or the current releases of a winery or other batches of wines that I feel readers with a paid subscription of will appreciate.

And so we begin today with this batch of wines from Heretat Laverna in the Penedès region of Catalunya.

More to come regularly so stay tuned!


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