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As it turns out you can grab a bull by the horns and while you’re at it, paint it blue. An unknown hero in Spain has gone and painted one of the “iconic” Osborne Sherry bulls outside the town of Xinzo de Limia a sky blue, from hooves to horn, tail to balls. Perhaps the rest of these bulls across Spain can be painted a even deeper shade of blue called, “please just go away”.

Proving that there are yet even more heroes on this smoldering planet of ours, Moldovan winery, Purcari has created a “freedom blend” to raise money for Ukrainian refugees coming into the country. Keep in mind that this is on top of housing refugees and finding a number of them temporary jobs. For all the PR people out there wondering as to how you go about creating these “good optics”, it is believe that Purcari’s answer would be, “do worthwhile shit in the world”.

Ever had some extra jamón after a rousing night out on the tapas trail? If so, you’re a strange individual but new legislation in Spain is now requiring doggy bags at restaurants so you can can indeed take home your leftovers. Unlike ball-ful bull silhouettes across the countryside, taking home leftovers was never really part of Spanish culture before and has led to a minimum of 1,300 tons of food waste each year. The League of Dumpster Cats is reportedly filing a legal challenge.

If you’ve been living under a rock in Scotland, perhaps you haven’t heard that Sussex in England now has a Protected Denomination of Origin for its wines. If you want to find out the pros and cons of this new appellation, head to wine Twitter and get the latest news coming out of its collective asses.

Have you been enjoying tasty meals but want a “healthy Coke” with the essences of where flavor went to die? Then take a look at this blend of balsamic vinegar and sparkling water that’s been sweeping across the interwebs. You’ll most likely hate it, but trust the Cul de Cuvée when we say that it’s the least offensive thing that’s happened in the past week.

Ever thought, “The world definitely needs more press junkets!”? then this article will most definitely not be for you. But for all those boring, normal people who abide by the fact that social media doesn’t sell wine you’ll enjoy this fine read which largely asks, “Why the fuck do press junkets still happen?”

It appears that Venice wants to revitalize the Dorona grape if for no other reason than it doesn’t sound like Soave’s principal grape and serious medical condition known as Garganega.

Once again, some folks bought into a get rich quick drinks scam and were burned. Ah but surely, after the Kurniawan affair nobody thinks you can make easy money flippin’ booze? Apparently, yes, people do.

And lastly, in a sad bit of news, the Jumbo restaurant has sank. This iconic establishment was being towed off for what basically sounded like a Repo Man job and while there were assurances that it wouldn’t sink, it’s now sleepin’ with the fishes. Of course, as we all know, the only thing that should currently be sinking with great abandon is what remains of Russia’s Black Sea Fleet.

Until we meet again in the cul of the cuvée.


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