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Red wine good, veeeeery good

In a less-than-sufficiently-circulated article, a doctor in Catalunya has discovered that red wine (in moderation) is even better for the body human than previously thought. How good? Very, very good. If you’re not already drinking it, maybe you should get started (in moderation.)

Pop goes the natty

San Franciscans will be “thrilled” to hear that they’re getting yet another natural wine bar. Previously just a pop up, “Bar Part Time” will be moving into the space formally occupied by Thieves Tavern, a whiskey-centric bar where people who didn’t realize they were douchebags would head to prior to the pandemic.

Not in my will you won’t

In a move that can only be described as “infinite dick” by those in the know, Alejandro Fernández, now-deceased owner of leading Ribera del Duero estate Pesquera, cut three of his four daughters out of his will. What about his sons? Why do you think he has four daughters?

Shit Show Officer?

The Court of Master Sommeliers America has officially hired its first Executive Director, Julie Cohen Theobald who, given the problems of the CMS-A, especially the sexual “favors” scandal means that she’ll have her work cut out for her. CMS-A Chairperson, Emily Wines emphasized that Cohen Theobald is not there to “clean up the mess” which will be welcome news to her given the oil-tanker-crash-sized mess of the CMS-A over the last two years.

Distill you on the other side

An entire whiskey distillery has shipped out to China from Scotland. Not just the stills, but the entire system including the floor. If you can’t beat ’em, buy ’em.

A somm to remember

On a recent podcast, Elizabeth Schneider interviews Don Kavanagh about the end of the cult of the somm. Welcome ears to anyone, especially those fed up with hearing the word “somm” and even more, “sommsplaining”.

Somm n’dash

To prove that somms think they aren’t going anywhere, a sommelier course that normally takes two semesters to complete is now being offered in one-week format proving the validity of wine knowledge and ability by everyone running around calling themselves a sommelier.

The mammal is down

How much booze would a echidna drink if an echidna could drink and would drink booze? Turns out it’s quite a lot.

Tell me again about the natural wines, grandpa

What are natural wines? They’re clickbait. Everyone is already very aware of this, but will click on this retreaded story regardless ’cause clickbait tastes gooooood, but not as good as red wine (in moderation.)

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