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And so fall seems to be saying “Hi there!” as suddenly, the days have grown generally friendly, just before we’re about to lose an hour of evening by “saving” the day. Hadn’t North America and Europe decided that this was to be tossed in the bin of history or am I getting high on my daydreams? Probably the latter.

We do however know that Christmas is just around the corner. Why? Because rando ads articles for wine glasses start popping up with all the writing craft one would expect from someone who typed, “wine glasses” into an Amazon search.

While saying that Sherry is “having a comeback moment” might a bit of a stretch, this is otherwise a quite fine read for anyone who wants to know more about this fine, fine beverage from Andalucía. If however you don’t want to know about Sherry, well, fine, I suppose I can still talk to you, but only in short amounts and only when I’m loaded on Fino.

Does whisky make the weather or does weather make the whisky? The BBC set out to discover just how much one plays upon the other and found out that after a glass or two of the brown juice, little really matters.

On the topic of “Ain’t that shit dead yet?” it appears that one can still write an article about so-called orange wine and pull up the long-dead trope that it’s “not made from oranges” without even a hint of irony nor self-doubt.

As we all know, Climate Change has very quickly gone from the Whatever Phase to Shit Got Real Stage. What people may not be aware is that the wine you drink is changing due to Climate Change and not always in the ways you might think. Keep that in mind the next time you take your Hummer out for a Sunday drive or fly down to Greece twice in a month for a holiday: your wine will suffer.

Fresh off the Desk of Damned Straight, it continues to be the case that eating chocolate (and apparently apples) as well as drinking red wines is indeed good for you. Yeah, yeah, in certain amounts, yadda yadda, but whatever, it’s good for you! Still!

Does natural wine have less hangovers? If it can serve as typical clickbait fodder like this article on the New York Times, then it most definitely… doesn’t? As usually, the sulfite information is craptastic (when isn’t it?) but they do quote Dr. Anita Oberholster who’s awesome.

From the Folder of Only in Florida word arrives of a beer truck collision on the the highway near Tampa Bay. To add insult to injury, the beer in question that clogged up traffic for several hours… was Coors Light.

In case you ever thought that when it came time to pass on a winery to their kids, the owners just named one of them CEO, whether they deserved it or not, then yeah, you’re pretty much right, although this piece claims there’s more finesse to it, so sure, whatevs.

From the Office of Don’t Let the Door Hit You comes news that Two Schmucks in Barcelona (one of the supposedly “Best Bars in the World”) has for all purposes, closed. Perhaps known outside of Spain for its bar program, locally, they were the epitome of gentrification with staff not even being able to communicate in Spanish, let alone Catalan, and leaving locals shocked that they have to order in English, in their own hometown. May they have a hard landing, wherever that is.

And on the topic of the bare minimum we can do to continue supporting the Ukrainians in this bullshit invasion by the Russians, it’s sad to report that the missile strike in Zaporizhzhia that’s killed at least 17 civilians (because you know, the Russians “totally” don’t target civilians) has also destroyed the Wine Time wine shop (in Ukrainian) which the director said, “left only the door remaining”. May the Ukrainians continue their military progress and eradicate Putin’s forces from their country.

Palate Cleanser

In the ongoing scandal rocking the chess world, there’s been news that Grandmaster Hans Niemann has cheated using anal beads which allows the imagination to run far wilder than it absolutely ever should.

And perhaps an extra rinse…
To get that image out of your mind, perhaps we should all take a moment and spare a thought for the Kevins in France. A long-detested segment of the society, they might just be starting to see their tides turn.

Until we meet again in the cul of the cuvée.


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