A bluntly-curated selection of absolutely random recent bits from around the wine and drink world served up “mostly fresh” for your enjoyment.

Please do keep this in mind that apparently, drinking wine and tea can slow memory loss which is great news to an avid wine and tea drinker such as myself. Apparently “kaempferol” is the key despite the fact it sounds like a date rape drug a good deal more than a way to slow memory loss. As for all the beer and coffee drinkers out there? Tough shit it seems.

Have you ever wondered what a wine bar should be? Here Asimov gets into a description that’s shockingly light on ponderous thought minus a few dark corners of text. Despite the breakdown, one must note that this road has been walked before.

If you happen to believe in an early supper of peanuts, Malbec, and cigarettes, then you are in Tatty Macleod’s very good hands.

Looking for a smart investment in wine that’s not an NFT? Well keep looking as it sure ain’t Winc which, in addition to its shares declining “just” 98% since going public, it, well, ya know, just went bankrupt.

As sure as the flies die in the end of November, so do the wine glass reviews come alive. In case you think it a good idea to get someone in your life a set of wine glasses, you might want to keep in mind that they may be some form of wine professional. How do you know? By the fact that they have one nice set of glasses they taste from and then 4,000 other glasses from fairs they actually drink from.

Well now, just when you thought that clay amphorae were getting a bit long in the tooth, here arrive the wines from a marble, um, ‘thing’. It’s been said that apparently the marble is excellent in holding in the smoke waiting to be blown up people’s asses for this budget wine of 1,085€ a bottle.

Getting a bit tired of all the glass bottles floating around out there? Apparently, instead of just, dunno, reusing them, the Rotary Club in the US has come up with the idea of turning them into sand so that our troubles may just blow away on the wind. Of unfortunate note is that “only about a third of glass that Americans buy gets recycled” which I suppose is good news for anyone who thinks that Europe’s 60% or better rate is still too low, which it is.

From the fat folder marked, “Skinny Wine”, if for some reason you were looking for the ultimate reference about sugar in wine, then keep looking as this ain’t it.

And lastly, in keeping up with wine in Ukraine, Roots for Peace has announced that they’ll be working to demine vineyards in Ukraine. While they’ve had varied success in some of the regions they’ve worked in, this is much needed given that there are established vineyards in Ukraine and they’ve been heavily mined, especially in Mykolaiv region. Also have a read of Jenia’s Nikolaichuk’s piece on the war-life balance.

And, in case you’ve forgotten all of this by now, clearly, you need to drink more wine and tea.

Palate Cleanser

If confronted with a case of “why’s that rat so happy?” it appears that that a number of rodents woofed down 200kg of marijuana (aka a Rogen-Franco New Year’s) that was in police storage in India.

Until we meet again in the cul of the cuvée.


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