Crowdfunding Cepas de la Culebra

by  |  30-09-2015

The term “sharing economy” really and truly needs to die and most things associated with it can go along for the ride. In this era of Uber and Airbnb, there is little that truly motivates me with the exception of winery projects on sites such as Kickstarter or, here in Europe, Verkami. In Europe, it is possible to scrape together a few funds to make a new winery project possible, at least for the first year to get things going. Thus, I was contacted about a new project called, Cepas de la Culebra in the village of Riofrío de Aliste. They’re outside any of the Spanish Denomination of Origins but sit very, very close to Portgual and near to several other DO’s including the relatively well-known DO Bierzo. As such, they’re able to lay claim to a good deal of Mencía which is a very exciting grape if you haven’t […]
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