Croatian wine’s other side: Josić Graševina Superior 2017

by  |  26-09-2018

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel the coastal wines of Croatia need far less introduction at this point than they did 15 years ago. A warm, Mediterranean/Adriatic climate makes for easily-approachable, open wines with a wealth of fruit that tourists have readily discovered while on holiday; dipping toes in topaz waters and taking selfies on stony beaches. Croatia’s interior and especially Slavonia is a different story. Far removed from the capital, Zagreb and literally on the other side of Bosnia Herzegovina from the Adriatic, it is quite often forgotten. This, is a pity. While the rolling hills may not offer the dramatic landscape of the coast, there’s a fine food tradition that I admit I have yet to explore as much as I’ve wanted. And then there are the wines. This area, focused on Osijek and spreading east is a very large wine producing region for Croatia and yet, many […]
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