Cul de Cuvée 30-10-2021

by  |  30-10-2021

A bluntly-curated selection of absolutely random recent bits from around the wine and drink world. Hot crimes, not Recently making the rounds on Facebook (sorry, “Meta”) was the claim that a hot Florida woman was... more »

In The Glass – Clément Châtenoy Menetou-Salon Tradition 2017

by  |  21-10-2021

In March of 2020 I was in the Loire Valley judging a Sauvignon Blanc competition that would effectively be my last travel outside of Spain for a year and a half. Due to quickly-changing conditions,... more »

Keeping wine, simply: The Repour

by  |  22-09-2021

Anyone who drinks wine often or works in the wine trade will have an abundance of corkscrews as well as gifts from anyone who sees them as a wine type person. Due to that, the... more »
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Biogenic amines, sulfites, headaches, & wine

by  |  14-06-2021

The research papers for Master of Wine candidates don’t often receive a lot of attention once released for public consumption as they’re quite focused and specialized, sometimes to a fault. It would however seem that... more »

Cul de Cuvée 17-04-2021

by  |  17-04-2021

A bluntly-curated selection of absolutely random recent bits from around the wine and drink world. The restaurant spoketh easy It’s been uncovered that secret restaurants have been serving people in private without the use of... more »

Sipping on Faroese & Finn Ginns

by  |  12-04-2021

And now for something different… Gin. Right, everyone talks about Gin these days so it’s not really that different and thus one has to go out of their way to justify mentioning a bit about... more »

Not finding fault

by  |  23-03-2021

A much-delayed visit to Raventós i Blanc in Penedès finally came to fruition last week as we just emerged from “county confinement” to “regional confinement”. With a brilliant sun shining upon us after weeks of... more »
Photo derived from work by Alfons Morales

With wine information, you get what you pay for

by  |  05-03-2021

A little while back on a wine professionals online forum I often interact with, someone asked a great question about where to get information for studying up on the region of Jura as she was... more »
Going your own way means a lot more paperwork

Revisiting the disclosure issue in wine writing

by  |  20-01-2021

The assault on journalism never stops. Just within the last week I’ve seen two grave ethical violations of purported “journalism” in wine, and these are but the latest examples… One was an article about Georgian... more »

Riedel me this!

by  |  12-01-2021

I have a guilty secret that I’ve been hiding from the wine world. No, it’s not a sneaking admiration for white Zinfandel, it’s far more embarrassing than that. The truth is that I prefer drinking... more »