Catalan Wines

Let’s have a Chat about Priorat: 30 April 7PM

by  |  29-04-2020 ~ 2 Comments

Chat happened. Great success. View it here. Subscribe to the channel as there's more to come! Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm not terribly keen on doing videostreams but well, here we are in... more »

Celebrating Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire

by  |  28-04-2020

Blois-Chambord. For anyone who had a very cool, worldly aunt growing up, this sounds like the name of a cheese she would bring back from France and eat paired with a wine that would sound... more »

The absolute best Rioja wines! (available in the UK…)

by  |  24-02-2020

If you’re going to hold a tasting that focuses on one of Spain’s oldest quality wine regions, a sure-fire way to juice it up a bit is to have the venue be one of the... more »

Schiste vs. Calcaire, Carignan Edition

by  |  24-12-2019

Mas de Saporta is a curious place. On the outskirts of Montpellier, France and technically in the town of Lattes, it's an old farmstead that, as modernity grew up around it, was swallowed whole as... more »

Taking a look at Douro 2017 reds and 2018 whites

by  |  28-11-2019

At the beginning of June I headed due west until there was no more west which is of course a fancy way to say I hopped across Iberia to Porto, Portugal. I took one of... more »

Judging the “Best Cava Sommelier” of 2019

by  |  14-11-2019

One can’t claim that the DO Cava hasn’t been active over the last few months. An important reason for the new boost is having a new president. Another is having changed up their communications department,... more »

Oddero: A rainbow of vintages, Barolo and beyond

by  |  07-11-2019

Being in London means tasting a great many wines if one is so inclined. While the WSTA trade calendar is simply amazing in its listing of tastings and events, incredibly, not everything that happens is... more »

25 years of Torre Muga

by  |  14-10-2019

Mid-October in Barcelona is still Mediterranean in terms of weather as summer clings to the days but is yet graced by a glint of cool air coming in at the fringes of the season. This... more »

10 Grenaches for the 10th annual #GrenacheDay

by  |  20-09-2019

Today, the world celebrates “International Grenache Day”! It’s one of the least-demanding celebrations that exists as it simply means grabbing a glass (or bottle) of Grenache near you and toasting all that’s toastable in this... more »

Tast del Decenni 2019: The DOQ Priorat 2009 vintage

by  |  02-07-2019

In 2009, the heaviest shoe of the Global Financial Crisis had finally fallen. All the maneuvering, consolidating, and bailing of companies and governments truly came to a head for and was deeply affecting European countries,... more »