Castellroig, for example

by  |  22-06-2016

As I’ve written before, I get very tired of people comparing Cava to Champagne and decidedly stating that Cava is in no way at the same level. This doesn’t take into account price as well as the fact that they’re often tasting one of the Cavas produced by the big three companies of: Freixenet, Codorníu, and García Carrión (better known for their Jaume Serra brand.) These three producers make 95% of all the Cava produced and overall, their portfolio is focused primarily on price as they’ve been trying to chase Prosecco’s massive growth which most warrant hasn’t gone as well for Cava as it has for Prosecco. In the 5% of the producers that remain there are some excellent Cava makers and one such example I was finally able to get around to visiting was Castellroig. It’s a venture owned by the Sabaté i Coca family and it was the […]
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