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Best Catalan wine of 2018

“So, what’s the best wine in _____?”

This question in slightly varying forms is one I’m asked often. I have to admit that while I appreciate people thinking my opinion worth something, I cringe a bit when asked given that wine is a beverage fluid both in physicality as well as concept–“best” has many facets. Do you want the best wine to invest in, the best with a steak, the best for an anniversary, the best for a budget, or simply, the best to get drunk on?

Despite my reticence on the subject, this has been a busy year of tasting (as well as scoring) a great wealth of all the DOs in Catalunya and assembling full regional tastings for DOQ Priorat & DO Montsant as well as DO Terra Alta–which is the only comprehensive tasting of the region that I’m aware of. So taken in this context I’m going to take a great leap into a bottomless void and make a recommendation for “The Best Catalan Wine of 2018” to which I say is: Edetària – Selecció Blanc 2016.

What’s my basis for this call? Is it because it’s the wine I gave the highest score to? No, those would be some in DOQ Priorat including: Clos Erasmus 2015 at 97+98, Mas Alta – La Basseta 2015 at 96, and Mas Martinet – Camí Pesseroles 2016 at 94+96. Or then in DO Montsant with Venus la Universal – Venus 2014 at 93+95 or Celler Acùstic 2015 at 93+95.

But those are regions that are red dominant with whites a small drop of 5-6%. In DO Terra Alta, it’s the whites that are the majority of production at 52%, but this Selecció Blanc isn’t even the highest point getter among the whites there, which went to Altavins – Selecció Blanc 2015 at 94 points. These are all fine wines in their own right but as to why they didn’t get chosen as “the best” comes back around to the series of questions about the “concept” of a “best” wine.

The Edetària – Selecció Blanc is about 20€ in the shop whereas a wine like Daphne’s truly beautiful Clos Erasmus is about 160€ and that’s a pretty big jump for most wallets. Another key consideration is that often the most highly-scored wines by wine critics are from single vineyards. There’s nothing wrong in this as it’s usually what leads to the most “pure” expression of a wine. And this is also is why I’m so impressed with this wine given that, as far as I’m aware, it’s from several old-vine vineyards of White Grenache. This being the case, it shows amazing elegance as it maintains a lovely, linear character that’s thanks to skilled winemaking.

Then there’s the aspect of it being “regionally indicative” and this wine demonstrates perfectly what amazing quality is indeed possible from Terra Alta for those who aren’t aware of it yet. Then lastly is the White Grenache grape of which Terra Alta holds 33% of all the vineyards in the world thus making it something of a signature grape and style of the region. So in many ways, this wine is a vanguard in terms of tipicity.

I don’t bestow this lightly and can’t emphasize enough that if you get the chance, check out what Edetària as well as all the other wineries of DO Terra Alta are doing these days.


Edetària - Edetària Selecció Blanc 2016
Red peach, red apple skin, golden pear, pressed dried flowers, violet, firm mineral notes, as well as waxy touches and honeycomb. Very crisp and vibrant on the palate with scads of depth and length, stays fresh while maintaining complexity.
100% Grenache Blanc · 14% · 20EUR
93+ 2 Stars