Barcelona city vineyards

Photo by Vinologue

An article I wrote for Barcelona Metropolitan is out today and talks about the one full winery within the Barcelona city limits, Can Calopa. It was an interesting trip that I took up to see them last month and visit their vineyards and cellar where they’re making a wine that isn’t for sale and just for use at city events:

…This is where a partnership with the Olivera Cooperative came in. For those unfamiliar with the organisation, this is a wine and olive oil producer in the gorgeous tiny village of Vallbona de les Monges in the Lleida province, which is most definitely worth a visit and taste on its own, especially for their white wines. While being a great winery in the DO Costers del Segre region, what makes them unique is the social component of their enterprise in that they employ people with mental disabilities to work in the cellar and with the olives. At Can Calopa, all these workers are Barcelonians referred by social services who benefit from outdoor work in this tranquil, pleasing setting.

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