Adieu France – The regrafting of Catalan vineyards

by  |  09-03-2017

“I can’t speak for all of Spain, but Cabernet Sauvignon sucks in Catalunya. You pick it when it’s ripe and you’re going to be making dessert wine. You pick it before it raisins and it’s revoltingly green.” So began one recent conversation with a Catalan winemaker that was reminiscent of many that I’ve had over the last decade. This one in particular didn’t want to have the quote attributed to him as no one is ready to fully disavow the French grapes that were planted in the region over the last half century but the day is undoubtedly coming soon. There are indeed winning examples of Cabernet Sauvignon such as the Mas La Plana from Torres in Penedès which is a gorgeous wine. Then of course there are the many wines produced from Syrah which has taken well to the region and is even seen in varietal form from time […]
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