A new Enotourist

logoToday we’re happy to launch the new design of Enotourist. Much like the redesign of Vinologue, the time had come to step back from these pages, look at what we’re doing and craft a site that meets the needs of content both visually as well as functionally.

This site started out as a repository of articles based upon the travels for researching our Vinologue enotourism guides. We see many little corners of the world and always like to share what fascinating bits of “enography” we discover on our fine planet. When we are not traveling and visiting wineries, we are still discovering plenty of wines and other interesting bits we also like to write about (such as wine fairs and events, quick tasting notes of cool wines we encounter or reviews of wine bars).

The original design was, well, a touch pedestrian. Its purpose first and foremost was simple to allow us to get our articles out to you, the reader, but it was in need of a heavy facelift to become more attractive and enhance the content.

Then there is the fact that this site has taken on a life of its own and we while it and Vinologue are closely linked, we wanted to make a clear distinction between the guides, which are our comprehensive books and these articles about what happens along the way on a daily basis. We’ve switched up the layout a great deal to be oriented as publication portal of its own, including the new Focuses which will be periodic curations from the wealth of articles published here over the years.

Lastly, we’d also like to open up the site to new contributors. If you would like to see your wine writing featured here, please contact us with 2-3 article ideas you have in mind.

We sincerely hope you continue to enjoy being with us for the ride. Let us know what you think!