WTF? Vaso Ramazashvili – Pinot Noir 2015

by  |  07-10-2016

When I was browsing around the offer at 8,000 Vintages, I stumbled across this wine which is a Pinot Noir. For those who aren’t up on your Saperavi, Khikhvi, and Rkatsiteli, Pinot Noir is not a native grape to the region but this fellow named, Vaso Ramazashvili has decided to make a wine from it. Largely, you don’t find very many wines made from French varieties in Georgia and that’s not a bad thing as most taste like they’re really out of place. It’s not like Willamette Valley in Oregon or Central Otago in New Zealand where there were no grapes before and so planting Pinot Noir works very well. In the case of Georgia, there are some 500 native grapes and they’re probably the best suited to the terrain as well as the kvevri method of production. This particular wines doesn’t appear to be made via kvevri at all, […]
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