Willamette Valley wine rundown

by  |  22-09-2011

Visiting wineries is always a tricky proposition as shown by any of our guides where we feel like we could always have used an extra week to dig up just a scratch more information. Of course, those are typically in uncharted waters. For our recent trip through the Willamette Valley in Oregon there is a very nice map and we have had a good deal of exposure to the wines from this area prior to arrival. Owen Roe We were first introduced to Owen Roe wines at a restaurant in San Francisco when presented with the “Sharecropper’s” for a meal. Intrigued by these bottles with the dual personality of being both Oregon and Washington wines, we were mightily impressed. After seeking out other vintages such as the “Sinister Hand“, “Abbott’s Table“, and “Ex Umbris” we most definitely became fans. Thus, when up in Oregon, we made sure that our first […]
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