Vischoqueña, el Valle de Cinti, & Bolivian wines

by  |  04-05-2020

There has thankfully emerged a subset amongst wine geeks who are those with the curiosity to seek out this fine beverage being made in any and every corner of the world, whether that be near the Arctic Circle in Norway or near the equator, in Bolivia. Back in 2016, my wife was in Bolivia for work and knowing I would be excited to taste wines from the country, she tried to find a wine shop in La Paz to round up a nice selection. That proved to be a lot harder than it sounds as drinking fine wine was not at all a common pursuit in the country. And when people opted for wine, they usually got a bottle of whatever was being imported from neighboring Chile and Argentina. To a large extent, that’s unfortunately still the case and when people drink alcohol, it’s not wine. The Bolivian wines that […]
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