The Priorat wine glass

by  |  28-10-2012

There is something to be said for a wine region’s fame when it even has stemware specifically designed for it. This is the case of DOQ Priorat in Catalonia, a region that now enjoys its own special glass, designed by Zwiesel 1872. (You can read up a bit more on this article in Spanish.) We were lucky to personally experience this glass last week while researching the Priorat region, at Marco Abella winery just outside of Porrera. It’s a lovely property with fantastic unusual wines that, when it came time to taste, were poured in to these Priorat glasses for us to taste. While the glasses are made by Zwiesel 1872, we learned that they were chosen by famed Empordà sommelier, Roger Viusà who happens to have an excellent wine bar in Girona called, Plaça del Vi 7 (that’s also the address). As it turns out, the menus of the […]
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