That age-old Spanish mixaroo type thing: Crittenden – Los Hermanos Homenaje 2015

by  |  25-08-2018

I’ve mentioned it before, but it’s fitting to mention it here: Wine Folly is dangerous. And no, I don’t mean that in a catchy Kenny Loggins, “Danger Zone” way, but in a bad information is toxic danger kind of way. The ultimate problem is that these days, due to the widespread purchases of Wine Folly, I don’t know if people get things wrong because they’re quoting it from that book (as is apparently now the case in other books) or simply because they themselves don’t understand the finer details. This cautionary lead in is to introduce a wine from Mornington Peninsula’s Crittenden Estate called called “Homenaje” or “Homenaje a Catalonia” in tribute to George Orwell’s book. From the winemaker’s website, they say that it’s “Paying homage to a classic Catalonian [sic] red blend”. This is what grabbed my attention as I was very curious to see what the Aussie take […]
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