Photo by Vinarium

Wine judging by remote control

by  |  07-09-2020

Time, has been on my side these last few months and as I was spending far too much of it on Instagram one morning, a photo popped up by Beth Willard. Australian by passport but... more »
Cartoon by Mike Lester:

A guide to what’s good, bad, & questionable in wine titles

by  |  16-07-2019 ~ 7 Comments

Long gone are the days of a bellied, middle-aged white man proclaiming himself a wine expert because well, he likes wine and wants to tell you about what he likes. No, we've reached an age... more »

Judging the Decanter World Wine Awards

by  |  05-05-2017

Of these two quotes, it’s hard to decide whether the very delicious, “There will also be 100kg of cheese available to the judges.” or the very British, “Judge severely but do not be ungenerous.” stuck... more »