Best Catalan wines of 2020

by  |  14-12-2020

Versió catalana Despite the lunacy of this never-ending 2020 from hell and the cancellation of a slate of events I was to attend, I did manage to taste a lot of wines from various regions... more »

El millors vins catalans del 2020

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English version Malgrat la bogeria d’aquest any infernal interminable i la inevitable cancel·lació d’una sèrie d’esdeveniments als que tenia previst a assistir, tot i així he aconseguit tastar una gran quantita de vins de diferents... more »

New DOQ Priorat wineries to know, 2020 edition

by  |  19-10-2020

The wines being produced under the auspices of DOQ Priorat are always in flux and always evolving. They have to because the region from hence they issue forth grows ever more extreme while at the... more »

In The Glass: Toto Marqués – Prades 950 2016

by  |  01-07-2020

There’s been a justified push to promote “terroir” insofar as it relates to wine. This French word, which means “sense of place” or more simply, “locale” is all fine and good unless it’s the case... more »