There was never only one nouveau

by  |  16-12-2022

Hot on the heals of the Catalan vi novell wines, I received another nouveau sample. Yes, this one is from France and yes, it’s very much nouveau being a young, 2022 wine. But it’s not... more »

A Mediterranean exchange, Priorat on Hvar

by  |  04-11-2022

“Well, we like our wines strong here.” It was a statement that I was to hear in various forms during a recent trip to the island of Hvar on the coast of Croatia. In this... more »

In The Glass: Domaine de Bila-Haut – L’Esquerda 2018

by  |  22-07-2022

My fascination with Roussillon, France isn’t just because it’s the land that was historically Catalunya Nord (Northern Catalunya), but more that it’s neither here nor there. It’s most definitely not Languedoc (to which it is... more »

A look at The Language of Yes 2020

by  |  07-01-2022

I took advantage of being in California during the holidays to order and try the new “Language of Yes” wines coming from the Rancho Réal vineyard in Santa Barbara County. They’re being produced by legendary... more »

In The Glass – Viña Verraco Syrah 2020

by  |  04-01-2022

I’m willing to say that it’s something of a Golden Age for the wine producers of Baja California in Mexico. They produce the vast majority of Mexican wine (the subzone of Valle de Guadalupe alone... more »

Tomas Cusiné goes small

by  |  09-06-2021

While Costers del Segre may be one of Catalunya’s most unknown Denominations of Origin (DOs), one of the most active and driven producers within it is, Tomàs Cusiné located in the village of Vilosell, in... more »

In The Glass: Famille Perrin Gigondas La Gille 2016

by  |  06-05-2021

The name, “Perrin” might not immediately bring up any wine associations to many people. I would like to remind you of those days back when we could fly freely and plentifully. There on many of... more »

In The Glass: Graillot & Thalvin – Tandem 2018

by  |  08-03-2021

I’ve always had a passing interest in Moroccan wines as in, “Huh, I wonder what wines from Morocco are like?” but it turned into something a good deal more real when Albert Costa of Vall... more »

In The Glass: Hay Shed Hill Pitchfork Shiraz 2017

by  |  22-01-2021

So we arrive again to Margaret River. I say “again” as I’ve been here before, writing about the Vasee Felix Cabernet Sauvignon which was simply delightful. Admittedly this wasn’t a terribly huge shock given how... more »

2017 vs 2018 in Priorat via Mas Doix’s Salanques

by  |  23-11-2020

A typical question people often ask me is, was so-and-so a good year for wine? It makes sense as while you can make wine literally anywhere in the world, actually growing grapes is a touch... more »