Bridging wine’s language silos30-09-2016

Vinum is a wine shop in my village where it’s usually the mother of the family that owns it, Cori who you’ll find behind the counter. She’s from the next county over, which in villages... more>

Tast del Decenni of 2004 in 201410-05-2014

Last week I was one of the lucky few to be invited to the annual Tast del Decenni in the Priorat comarca. Essentially what this is, is a taste of the wines from a decade... more>

In The Glass: Marco Abella – Òlbia 201224-09-2013

Since releasing our Priorat guide a few months ago, we’ve had the chance to taste some of the new vintages that have come out after publication which of course has been a delight, especially when... more>

The Priorat wine glass28-10-2012

There is something to be said for a wine region’s fame when it even has stemware specifically designed for it. This is the case of DOQ Priorat in Catalonia, a region that now enjoys its... more>