Ten tasty Catalan Grenaches for #GrenacheDay

by  |  18-09-2020

In case you actually needed an excuse to open up a bottle of Grenache, today, September 18th, is International Grenache Day! A celebration of all things that this red (as well as white, pink, and... more »

10 Grenaches for the 10th annual #GrenacheDay

by  |  20-09-2019

Today, the world celebrates “International Grenache Day”! It’s one of the least-demanding celebrations that exists as it simply means grabbing a glass (or bottle) of Grenache near you and toasting all that’s toastable in this... more »

Some choice Garnatxes from DOQ Priorat & DO Montsant for #GrenacheDay

by  |  21-09-2018

In 2010, those who make Grenache decided that the third Friday of September would hence forth be “International Grenache Day”. While initially hatched at an event in France’s Rhône, this has indeed became a thing... more »

Grenache Day 2015: Wines in review

by  |  21-09-2015

In case you weren’t aware, Grenache Day was on the 18th as it’s the third Friday of every September. It’s a way to promote the profile of the Grenache grape by the Grenache Association as... more »