Sitting down with Fredi Torres

by  |  18-08-2014

Fredi Torres is a busy guy. If you follow his Instagram you’ll see that he’d often traveling, drinking good wine, eating good food, or just dealing with an overabundance of tomatoes. All joking aside, the reason his Instagram is all over the place is because he is all over the place whether consulting in Empordà, working on a project with partners in Ribeira Sacra, or most importantly working on his own project in Gratallops that he started last year, Fredi Torres Viticultors. When we first met Fredi it was under the auspices of Saó del Coster, a winery that he helped to found when he first started working in wine in Priorat a decade ago. In reading over the profile in our Priorat book it becomes immediately clear that it will all have to be re-written as there was a split with the co-owners last year and he has since […]
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