DO Montilla-Moriles 2022

A selection of wines tasted in non-blind conditions in the region of Montilla-Moriles in the very first week of June. Wines were tasted at the wineries as part of an overall tour of the region and are almost exclusively those that are long-term barrel aged. Please read the accompanying regional report.

Published: 31-08-2022 by
Total Wines: 27
Year Wine Color
NV Alvear - Fino Capataz White
NV Alvear - Fino CB White
NV Alvear - Oloroso Catón White
NV Alvear - Palo Cortado #7 White
NV Alvear - Pedro Ximénez 1927 White
2018 Alvear - Pedros Ximénez White
2020 Alvear - Vino de Pueblo White
NV Bodegas Robles - Fino White
NV Bodegas Robles - Oloroso White
NV Bodegas Robles - Pedro Ximénez White
NV Lagar Blanco - Amontillado White
NV Lagar Blanco - Fino 3-7 White
2021 Lagar Blanco - Joven White
NV Lagar Blanco - Oloroso White
NV Lagar Blanco - Palo Cortado White
NV Pérez Barquero - Amontillado 25 Años White
NV Pérez Barquero - Gran Barquero Fino White
NV Pérez Barquero - Maria del Velle – En Rama White
NV Pérez Barquero - Palo Cortado White
NV Toro Albalá - Don PX 1973 White
NV Toro Albalá - Don PX 2002 White
NV Toro Albalá - Don PX 2019 White
NV Toro Albalá - Eléctrico White
2020 Toro Albalá - Miut White
NV Toro Albalá - Poley Amontillado – En Rama White
NV Toro Albalá - Poley Fino White
NV Toro Albalá - Poley Oloroso – En Rama White