Rare wines grapes of Rioja: Maturana Tinta & Mazuelo

by  |  15-04-2017

It may seem like a tired trope to bang on the fact that most people, when hearing the regional name, “Rioja” think that all wines are made from Tempranillo, but it’s the most common word association for the two. There is of course value in this as having such an immediately identifiable brand in this day and age is worth its weight in gold. And course, it exists for a reason as the vast, vast majority of of Riojan wines are mostly Tempranillo. I have to admit that it’s not a grape I’ve ever particularly loved as it’s really a question of the winemaker’s ability as to whether the resulting wine will be stellar or just some form of “red wine substance”. Pliable and bent to one’s needs, the Riojans will often blend in a couple of other permitted grapes such as Graciano and Grenache to round out the profile […]
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