For those studying up for the Court of Master Sommeliers exams, it can be frustrating to have a sense of what point your knowledge may be at. Sure, you can answer all your flash cards backward and forwards. Sure, you can identify regions on a map without blinking. But when push comes to shove and that exam is tossed up in your face, will you actually have down everything you need to know?

I think this is one of the reason why the request for practice exams comes up so often on sites like GuildSomm. People want to know where they’re strong and where they’re weak when it comes to the testing environs and honestly, there’s not that much out there to test you. GuildSomm now has some tests within its site for paying members than can help out a great deal. The Brian Julyan book you get (at least when going through the European chapter) has some sample tests as well, but perhaps you want more?

For those just starting and who want a primer about what these exams entail, read my write ups for taking the CMS Level 1 and CMS Level 2. Once you feel that you’ve studied well enough and are ready to have you metal tested, take a look at the Decanter quizzes. They’ve been putting these up for some time now and there are a variety of 10 question quizzes that while not the end-all be-all of wine knowledge can help you gauge what it is that you know. It’s also interesting to see how other people answered so that you can understand common wine misconceptions.

Whenever these quizzes come up, I readily take them just to see how fresh I am on things. Usually I miss no or maybe one question in there and I feel this is how you should be testing if you’re attempting the Level 2 exam. If going for the Level 1, getting 6/10 right should be what you’re shooting for.

The exams test general knowledge of various wine regions around the world. Perhaps their only failing is that there are some oddball ones in there like celebrity wineries which have topics that simply won’t be on a CMS exam as they’re too topical. Beyond what I’ve mentioned here and in my summary articles about the exams, you won’t find too much more online because those of us who take the exams somewhat swear to a code of silence on the exact questions because there are only a finite number and giving out the answers will just have people studying for the exam when in fact they should be studying for the knowledge of wine.

Hope this helps and best wishes in your quests to be better wine people!


It’s very worth noting that you should check out Tom Cannavan’s online quizzes. The format is very, very similar to what you find on the CMS exams although some of the questions could be just a touch beyond the CMS 2. Despite that, very worthwhile exams to try out and see where you rank. Plus, you get to see all the answers at the end if you want!


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  1. Ken Rupar says:

    Thanks for this tip, t
    hese tests are a lot of fun. I am working on the WSET Level 4 and find them useful in particular because they Point out how many little holes in my knowledge exist.

  2. 461204 says:

    I like to drink a glass of red wine in the evening after work. And still love undergo merry quiz, for example such a

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