As declared by Recevin (the “European Network of Wine Cities”) the second Sunday of November is officially Enotourism Day. That means that this November 11th, it’s time to tour some cellars, drink some wine, and see what the 2012 harvest dragged in around Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Spain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, and Portugal. Naturally, as this blog is called, “enotourist”, we fully endorse this day and will undoubtedly raise a glass in its honor, before, after, and during.

As it is a “European Network”, all these official events happen around the Europe. But, it’s definitely a good time to check out the cellars since the harvest is fully finished and happily fermenting. To see all those that participate (like the wineries in Yecla) you can go check out their Facebook page.

As this is only the fourth year that they’ve held the event, maybe it will catch on in a greater fashion and Enotourism Day will come to your local winery wherever you are next year. Enjoy!