DO Terra Alta

by  |  15-08-2016

When travelling south through Catalonia, DO Terra Alta is the last appellation you come to and it closes out the wine landscape of the region spectacularly. Set high up in the mountains that rise up from the Ebre River, just before you cross in to Valencia or Aragón, it is deceiving in that you don’t realize how high you are and that this is why the wines have such a distinctive quality. Many of the details of Terra Alta can be summarized here but it is a region known locally for its white wines and specifically, the grape, White Grenache. This is ironic in that it’s only very recently with the 2015 harvest that they are now evenly split 50/50 between white and red production. Previously, the region had more reds than whites although they latter have always been a healthy portion of their overall production. But whether white or […]
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